The MMO pt1: Genre Analysis and Personal Relations to MMO Games

The MMO. Probably one of the most ambitious types of games in the world today. An MMO is almost conceptually comparable to an alternate reality; An entirely new world has been created, which you inhabit by playing the game alongside millions of other players. [1] As a person that has spent 15-16 years of his life almost literally immersed in video games, the concept of a video game where I can completely exercise fantasy escapism within an alternate reality is a concept I get almost too excited over. Unfortunately almost every time I try to play an MMO there seem to be several barriers that prevent me from becoming really invested and involved with the game. I have friends that present me with various MMO titles and I do attempt to play most of them in the hope that maybe I can find a title to become truly invested in. Sadly no MMORPG to date has been able to successfully deliver the all-encompassing virtual escapism that the genre’s name implies. In this series of blog posts I will be investigating the MMO, what aspects make it to inaccessible to me, what MMO’s thus far have done both correctly and incorrectly, and conceptualizing what would make the ideal MMO experience would it have been tailored specifically for me. This is going to be an experience for the both of us as I try to find out why I tend to dislike this genre of games.

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